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Dasakathia Dnace

Dasakathia dance

Dasakathia is a colorful dance form prevalent in Orissa. Dasakathia shows a strong influence of the culture prevalent in the southern parts of Orissa which can be noted by the heavy stress on the language, the breaking of syllables with notes and rigid pronunciations.

Performance—A colorful and popular performance is rendered by two members, one signer (Gayaka) and the other accompanist (Palia). The word (Dasakathia) is derived from the word Das which means worshipper and Kathi means two pieces of sticks which produce a very sweet sound. This performance is ritualistic and secular in nature. The performers each holding a pair of sticks begin their performance in chorus with invocatory verses composed by the Local poets, each one striking his own sticks in perfect tune. 

dasakathia dance

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