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Tamil Nadu folk dance

Tamil Nadu has a rich history of art of entertainment. The three modes of entertainment classified as (Literature), (Music) and (Drama) had their roots in the rural folk theatre like (Street play). Some of the dance forms are performed by Tribal people. Majority of these dances are

Manipur folk dance

Manipuri dance is one of the major Indian classical dance forms it originates from Manipur, a state in north-eastern India on the border with Myanmar.  Manipuri Classical Form of dance is claimed not only to be one of the chastest, modest, softest and mildest but the most meaningful dances of the

Gujarat Folk Dance

Gujarat is known as the ‘Land of Festivals’. A number of fairs and festivals are celebrated in the state with great fervor and joy. The celebrations of these occasions are accompanied with traditional dance and music performances. The state has been blessed with a rich

Assam Folk Dance Troupe

Assam, an ancient and colorful land, is a rich playground of many linguistic, ethnic and religious societies that have lived in harmony for centuries .Dances, devotional or otherwise, plays a major role in enlivening and strengthening the cultural life of the society in Assam.Assam Dance Troupe

Sikkim Folk Dance Troupe

With the total, population of Sikkim categorized into three major groups namely the Lepchas, Bhutias and the Nepalese; the state automatically becomes a multicultural one. Each of this community has its own language, culture and dances. Some of the dance of Sikkim are (Chu faat,

Karnataka folk Dance Troupe

Dances of Karnataka are one of the ancient dance forms existent in India. Most of the tribal dances are still in effect and enhanced also due to preservation and nature loving culture of Kannadigas. Some of the Karnataka folk dances are (Dollu Kunitha, Krishna Parijatha, Bhootha aradhane,

Punjab folk Dance Troupe

Punjabi dances are a collection of folk and religious dances of the Punjabi people like (Sammi, Giddha, Jaago, Kikli, Luddi, Bhangra, Jhumar, Dhamal, etc) native to the Punjab region, across the border of India and Pakistan. The style of Punjabi dances ranges from very high

Orissa Folk Dance Troupe

The Odissi dance of Orissa is one of the six acknowledged classical dance forms of India like (Danda Nata, animal mask dance, Ghoomra dance, karma dance, puppet dance, Jhoomar dance, Changu dance, Ghanta dance, Kela keluni dance, Dasakathia dance, Chaiti ghoda dance, Dalkhai dance, Dhanu

West Bengal folk dance

In ancient Bengal, dancing was popular entertainment. Courtesans and temple girls were required to be proficient in the art of dance prescribed by Bharata in his ‘Natysastra’. Popular forms of dancing were rendered at mundane celebrations and on other occasions by low-caste tribes Nats and

Maharashtra Folk Dance

Maharashtra is a land of culture and traditions, where religious festivals are great occasions of social entertainment. Various folk dances of Maharashtra are performed during festive or special occasions, representing its rich cultural heritage. Some of the dance of Maharashtra are (Lavani, Dhangari gaja, Povadas,