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Kerala folk dance

Kerala is enriched with many Cultured and folk dances; they have different dances for every occasion to express their joy. They have some heart stolen dances with beautiful eye movement and hand movements. Kerala have some premium Dances which only costume is the identity of the India in All over the world. The people of Kerala cherish their culture though dance. These performances give you mesmerizing feeling.

Kathakali –

Kathakali is one if the famous Kerala nritya, which is not only popular in all states of India but also Identity of Indian dance, form in all over the world. It is theater based drama conveyed though Dance It is a kind of Ballorian Dance, Its makeup and dress are very colourfull and the artist look so beautiful the main attraction of this dance is there Eye and hand movements. They mainly perform the Hindu sabhyata charaters books like: – Ramayana, Mahabhrata, purana.

Mohiniyattam –

Mohiniyattam is one of the ancient dances which are performed by solo woman it express the gracefulness to portrait adornment (shringar) and love. Mohiniyattam is drived from two word “Mohini” and “attam”, Mohini means a women attract any one from her charms, the “Mohini avtar of Vishnu” and attam  means gracegul seductive body movements.Mohiniyattam is also performed in group that make it more elegant. The costume is very simple, white saree with golden borders beautifully draped make artist more gracefull.and  all the rythem and mudras are the best part of the dance.

kathakali Kathakali Dance

thullal Thullal Dance

theyyam Theyyam Dance

koodyattam Kothaamooriyattam

duffmuttu] Duffmuttu Dance

oppana Oppana Dance

koikottikali Koi Kottikali Dance

margamkali Margamkali Dance

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