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Uttaranchal folk dance

The folk-lore of Uttaranchal, indeed the lives of the people are filled with dancing. it is as important for them as wearing clothes. it is must for their life. For them the Gods can be influenced by dances not to fail man. The art of dancing also owes its inspiration to the charming mythical dancing damsels who dwell on snow-clad peaks and are variously described as Ancheris, Kecharis or Paries. Some of the Uttaranchal dances are ( langvir Nritya, Barada Nati, panda Nritya, Chhapeli, etc.)

langvir nrityaLangvir Nritya

barada natiBarada Nati

panda nritya Panda Nritya

chhapeli danceChhapeli Dance


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