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Assam Folk Dance Troupe

Assam, an ancient and colorful land, is a rich playground of many linguistic, ethnic and religious societies that have lived in harmony for centuries .Dances, devotional or otherwise, plays a major role in enlivening and strengthening the cultural life of the society in Assam. There are many types of prevalent dance forms in Assam like (Bihu, Satriya, Barpeta’s, tea folk jumur Nach, Bodo’s bagurumba, ali-ai-liyang, etc.)

 bihuBihu Dance  satriya nritya.Satriya Nritya  barpetasBarpeta’s bhortal
 tea folk jhumar nachTea Folk’s Jumur Nach  bodo's bagurumbaBodo’s Bagurumba Dance  ali-ai-liyangAli-Ai-Ligang


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