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West Bengal folk dance

In ancient Bengal, dancing was popular entertainment. Courtesans and temple girls were required to be proficient in the art of dance prescribed by Bharata in his ‘Natysastra’. Popular forms of dancing were rendered at mundane celebrations and on other occasions by low-caste tribes Nats and Domnis (women of the Dom caste) who practiced dancing and singing as hereditary professions. In the middle ages, probably the institution of temple girls become outdated and class dancing was limited to courtesans. As a result dancing came to be looked down up on in respectable society. Some of the dances are (Britta, Chhau, Gambhira, tasu, Santhal, Lathi, karma, Bura, kali, Vrata, etc.)

brita west bengalBrita Dance

chhau dance west bengalChhau Dance

ganbhira west bengal Gambhira Dance

santhal west bengalTasu Dance

santhal west bengal Santhal Dance

lathi dance west bengal Lathi Dance

karam west bengalKaram Dance

bura west bengal Bura Dance

kali dance wst bengal Kali Dance

 Vrata Dance

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