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Haryana folk dance

Haryana is a state that lives a life of vibrant and joy. They are very hard working people and have an influence of Punjab and Rajasthan. The zest for life present in the natives of Haryana is channeled into various dance and music forms. The people celebrate all occasions with a lot of pomp and show, be it a child birth, a marriage or any religious or social function. Some of the Haryana dance are (Ras Lela, Phag dance, Loor, Dhamal, Gugga, Jhumar, Khoria, Holi, chatty, sang, Chaupaiya, etc.)

ras lilaRas Lela phag dancePhag Dance
 loor danceLoor Dance  hamal danceDhamal Dance
gugga danceGugga Dance jhumarJhumar Dance
khoria danceKhoria Dance holi danceHoli Dance


Chatti Dance

saang danceSaang Dance
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