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Rajasthan folk dance

The traditional dances of Rajasthan are absolutely colorful and lively and have their own significance and importance. In Rajasthan, folk dances are the highlights of any celebration and festivity. The simple yet expressive dances of Rajasthan are enjoyed by one and all. Some of the Rajasthani dances are (Ghoomar, Kachhi-Ghodi, Kathak, Kathputli, Sapera, Terah talli, Bhavi, Chari, drum, fire, Gair, etc.).

ghoomar Ghoomar Dance

kachhi ghodi Kachhi Ghodi Dance

kathakKathak Dance

kathputali danceKathputli Dance

sapera Sapera Dance

terah taliTerah Talli Dance

bhavai2 Bhavi Dance

chari dance Chari Dance

drum Drum Dance

fire dance Fire Dance

gair dance Gair Dance

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