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Bihar folk dance

Over thousands of years various traditional dance forms have evolved in Bihar. The folk dance tradition in Bihar can be divided into three groups. (i) The dance performed during poetry performance. (ii) The dance performed by the tribal people who are closer to mother earth and their dances are heavily influenced by indigenous development. (iii)The dance performed by the other regions of south Bihar. Most of the folk dances are religious in nature, in which, gods and goddesses are invoked through dance, some of the dance are (Jhijhian dance, Jat Jatin dance, Paika dance, Kajari dance, Sohar khilona dance, Jhumair dance, harvesting dance, etc.).

jhijhiana Jhijhian Dance

jat jatin] Jat-Jatin Dance

paika Paika Dance

kajariKajari Dance

sohar khilona Sohar Khilouna Dance

jhumari dance bihar Jhumari Dance

harvesting Harvesting Dance


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