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Andhra Pradesh folk dance

Andhra Pradesh is also the proud owner of some of the most beautiful famous dance forms like (Kuchipudi, burrakatha, veerannatyam, butlabommalu, Dappu, Tappet gullu, Lambadi, Bonalu, Dhimsa, kolattam, etc.). It offers a variety of performing arts unique to its culture. The Dance forms of Andhra Pradesh take on a wide variety of colors, costumes, and types; and involve different settings and musical instruments.

kuchipudi dance Kuchipudi Dance

burakatha dance Burrakatha Dance

veerannattam dance Veerannatyam Dance

butlabommalu Butla Bommalu Dance

dappu dance Dappu Dance

tappetu dance Tappeta Gullu Dance

lambadi danceLambadi Dance

bonalu dance Banalu Dance

dhimsa dance Dhimsa Dance

kolattam dance Kolattam Dance


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