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Ali Ai Ligang

Assam is a state of various fairs and festivals which are great sign of harmony. Dances and songs are very popular among the people of various tribes in Assam. As like the Ali Ai Ligang festival dance is an important part of a tribe called as Mishing people of Assam. They celebrate a great festival named Ali Ai Ligang festival. This is the most significant festival of this tribe which comes in the spring time of harvesting and cultivation.

Performance— this is a dance in which young boys and girls of this tribe can participate for the praying of their holistic local deity for batter harvesting. There is a rule of swinging of the hips during the dance performance with a great passion. It is a dance which is not a folk dance but also an entertainment part of the Ali Ai Ligang festival of Mishing tribe. After the finishing of this dance program the people of Mishing tribe scarifies animals and offers them to deity. After that they all enjoy this feast.

 Ali-Ai-Ligang  Ali-Ai-Ligang
 Ali-Ai-Ligang  Ali-Ai-Ligang


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