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Bhootha Aradhana Dance

Bhootha Aradhane means devil worship. Widely practiced in the coastal regions of Karnataka, this festival is a great mix of folk beliefs, awesome spectacle and ritualistic magic to ward away the evil through a worship of the devil himself. Karnataka’s Bhootha Aradhane is widely popular because of its unique spectacle and strange aura

Performance—Bhootha Aradhane of Karnataka involves much visual splendor. It involves a procession in which idols are carried with great effort. The idols are painted in a traditional manner and are meant to represent the bhootas or the devils. A curious scary feel is imported in the demeanor of the idols. All throughout the procession, drums are beaten and firecrackers are burnt as the big crowds pullers the idols towards a raised platform placed at a distance where the final rites of the procession take place.

 Bhootha Aradhana  Bhootha Aradhana
 Bhootha Aradhana  Bhootha Aradhana


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