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Brita Dance

Brita Dance is actually a traditional folk dance of West Bengal the Brita Dance, also known as Vrita Dance, is considered to be very special. In Bengali culture, the Vrita is more than a simple dance. In fact, it is considered to be a prayer, full of thankfulness, from the devotee to the almighty and as such, has religious overtures.

Performance— it is generally performed by the barren women of the state, in order to invoke the blessings of the Gods, so that their wishes for a child are fulfilled. After getting their wishes are granted, the women again dance in the temple premises, to appease the deity and thank him for his blessings. The dance is also performed after recovery from a life threatening crisis or a contagious disease, like small pox or chicken pox. It is still prevalent in rural Bengal.

 Brita Dance  Brita Dance
 Brita Dance  Brita Dance


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