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Chaiti Ghoda Dance

Chaiti ghoda dance

In the month of Chaitra there is an exclusive festival for the fishermen community of Orissa who are popularly known as Keuta (Kaivarta). This festival, known as Chaiti Ghoda, is held for a full month beginning from Chaitra Purnima (Full-moon of Chaitra in March) and ending with Baisakhi Purnima (Full moon in April). During this festival Baseli, the horse-headed deity of the community is propitiated.

Performance—A horse ridden man with the head of a horse well-dressed and trunk built of bamboo, dances to the tune of Dhola and Mahuri.Accompanied by songs composed by the local poets. The dancing party consists of two dancers, one male and one female, a drummer and a piper.

 chaiti ghoda dance  chaiti ghoda dance
 chaiti ghoda dance


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