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Jhumar Dance

This dance has originally come from Sandalbar (now in Pakistan), but is now very much a part of Punjab folk heritage. It is a dance of graceful gait, based on specific Jhumar rhythm. The Jhummar is a dance of ecstasy. It is a living testimony of the happiness of men. Jhumar is performed especially during Melas, weddings and other major functions and celebrations.

Performance— this is also performed in a circle. The dancers dance around a single drummer standing in the center. Dancers circle around the drummer, and keep up a soft, sibilant chorus as they dance. Its costumes are the same as that of Bhangra. It is danced to the tune of emotional songs. The dance is without acrobatics. The movement of the arms only is considered its main forte.

 Jhumar Dance  Jhumar Dance
 Jhumar Dance  Jhumar Dance

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