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Sammi Dance

Is a traditional dance from the tribal community of Punjab it is the dance for Punjabi women. Sammi is an enchanting Punjabi folk dance whose colorful bedecked dancers with controlled grace even mesmerize the intoxicated gods. Sammi is one such exquisite folk dance that originated from Pakistan’s sandal bar region and is shrouded in ancient Indian mythology.

Performance— in Sammi dance style the dancers stand in the ring and swing their hands bring them up from the sides, right in front .This energetic dance is performed by women who make brisk, swift movements as they sway to the lilting music. In this the dancers are dressed in bright colored kurtas   and full flowing skirts called lehengas. They also dance like drunken maniacs.

 Sammi Dnace  Sammi Dance
 Sammi Dance  Sammi Dance


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