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Orissa Folk Dance Troupe

The Odissi dance of Orissa is one of the six acknowledged classical dance forms of India like (Danda Nata, animal mask dance, Ghoomra dance, karma dance, puppet dance, Jhoomar dance, Changu dance, Ghanta dance, Kela keluni dance, Dasakathia dance, Chaiti ghoda dance, Dalkhai dance, Dhanu dance, etc.). Similar to all other Indian classical dances, it also has its initiation in religion and philosophy with an origin in the temples of Orissa.

danda nata Danda Nata Dance animal mask Animal Mask Dance ghoomar dance  Ghoomar Dance
karma dance Karma Dance puppet Puppet Dance jhoomar dance Jhoomar Dance
changu Changu Dance ghanta patua Ghanta Patua Dance kela keluni' Kela Keluni Dance  
dasakathia Dasakathia Dance chaitia ghoda Chaiti Ghoda Dance dalkhai Dalkhai Dance
dhanu jatra  Dhanu Jatra Dance
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