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Barpeta’s bhortal

Barpeta’s Bhortal Nritya is known to have developed by Narahari Burha Bbakat. He was a well-known Satriya artist. This Bhortal Nritya of Barpeta district is said to have derived from the classical dance form of the state. This is one of the most popular dances in the state of Assam.

Performance— this dance is performed in a group. Six or seven dancers generally present the Bhortal dance of Assam together. This dance can be performed in larger groups as well. It is performed to a very fast beat. This beat is known as ‘ 7hiya Nom’. The dancers are equipped with cyrnbols while performing this dance. The use of the cyrnbols makes the dance presentation appear very colorful. The dance movements are designed as such that they can produce some very colorful patters. This is the uniqueness of this dance from of Assam.

barpeta's nritya barpeta's nritya
 barpeta's nritya  barpeta's nritya


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