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Changu Dnace

Changu Dance, also known as Juang Dance, is a popular dance form native to Orissa. It derives its name from a kind of drum called Changu (Tambourine), which invariably accompanies the dance. Changu is rural variety of the tambourine. The dance in accompaniment to the Changu is performed by women alone.

Performance— the men only sing songs, play on the Changu and move with the female dancers with simple steps. While the women advance the recede back and on their advance the females retreat. The dress is like- the women cover up their persons with long local made Saris. Only their bangled hands and feet remain visible. In a group the female dancers dance in a half-sitting position with swaying and sometimes jerky movements. During festivals and on any moon-lit night the young boys and girls assemble and dance to express their joy in living.

 Changu dance  Changu dance


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