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Danda Nata Dance

Danda Natta of Orissa, also known as the ‘Danda Jatra’ is one of the most ancient folk dances of Orissa and is performed in the district of Ganjam. The jatra is performed for a period of 13- 21 days. The participants of Danda Natta are usually called “Dandua” and the chief as “Pata Dandua” who move from village to village to perform the same.

Performance—in this dance style they do not care for the bodily trouble. What concerns them most is to appease the God who may redress their sufferings. Some pierce sharp iron nails on their back, look upside down without any sign of pain in the face. Some devotees use poisonous snakes as garland; make them sting their body without any disastrous results. Others tie their legs up, and hang upside down making their heads roll on the burning fire. Fire walking, walking on the sharp sword and other difficult practices performed in the month of Chaitra and Baisakhi are all meant to please Siva.

 danda nata  danda nata
 danda nata  danda nata


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