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Maarooni Dance

The Maarooni is an uncommon dance form that has its roots in very old Nepalese culture. The songs that escort this dance have a variety of themes ranging from mythology to everyday life. While some depict heroic events from the lives of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and other Gods of the Hindu pantheon, others deal with simple day to day incidents of the people of the land.

Performance— while performing the dancers move rhythmically, balancing on their palms copper thali with lit diyas arranged on them. In the olden days, the dance used to be performed by young boys dressed as girls. Two accompanists, one playing the mridang and the other acting as the prankster, were also a part of the troupe.

 maarooni dance  maarooni dance
 maarooni dance  maarooni dance


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